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Holiday Dental Health – Tips for Healthy Smiles

By Dr. Brett Silverman | Dec 6, 2019 | General Oral Care
Holiday Dental Health – Tips for Healthy Smiles

The holidays are upon us.

That means everyone wants to stay healthy and happy to enjoy time together with loved ones. Watching what you eat and drink is a great way to remain healthy and fit, but how should you take care of your dental health during the holidays?

Join us to learn what NOT to do, and then we’ll tell you some ways to take care of your teeth during the holidays (and all year round).

  1. Do NOT crack nuts with your teeth. Doing so can cause serious damage to your teeth. Cracking nuts with your teeth can cause broken, chipped or cracked teeth in which case you may need fillings, veneers, dental crowns, or implants (depending on the severity of tooth damage).

  2. Open packages and bottles with the proper tools (NOT your teeth). Keep a pair of scissors handy this holiday season when opening packages! And when opening bottles of any sort, keep a bottle opener nearby. Do NOT use your teeth to open bottles or packages. Doing so can lead to broken, chipped or cracked teeth. You don’t want an emergency dental visit during the holidays!

  3. Do NOT eat chewy food or candy. Eliminate or drastically limit consumption of sticky, gooey foods. Chewy food or candy can actually remove part of (or all of) a filling, which will most likely cause tooth sensitivity until you see the dentist to get it fixed. Do your best to avoid chewy food or candy altogether.

  4. Do NOT bite your nails. Biting your nails is most likely a nervous habit. If you find yourself stressed out during the holidays, take a deep breath and do something relaxing– go for a walk, take a bath/shower, read a book, pray or just simply take a break and do nothing! Avoid biting your nails because it is bad for your teeth and nails. If holiday stress is causing you to grind or clench your teeth (called bruxism), see a dentist who can create a custom mouthguard to avoid tooth damage.

  5. Do NOT bite on ice or bite hard candy. This is similar to the other items above. Avoid biting on ice, especially if you have sensitive teeth. Similarly, if you’re going to enjoy some hard candy, do not bite it. Biting on hard candy or ice can damage your teeth by cracking, breaking or chipping. Avoid an emergency trip to the dentist office around Christmastime!

Recommendations for healthy teeth and gums

Other recommendations to care for your teeth during the holidays and all year round include:

  • Brushing your teeth 2-3 times per day

  • Flossing 1-2 times per day

  • Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis

  • Eat a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and not too much sugar

And don’t forget to get your teeth professionally cleaned 2 times per year. If you live in or near Alpharetta, GA, call Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry for your teeth cleaning appointment.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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