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Are Invisalign Clear Braces Right for You?

By Dr. Brett Silverman | Feb 25, 2015 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign Clear Braces, Orthodontics
Are Invisalign Clear Braces Right for You?

When it comes to straightening your teeth there are so many options. Between traditional metal braces, porcelain veneers, and clear Invisalign braces it’s a hard decision to make. So, how do you chose which orthodontic procedure is right for you?

At Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we understand the importance of these decisions and want to support you and give you enough knowledge to make the decision that is best for your lifestyle. We want to give you the smile you’re looking for and give you the most comfortable orthodontic experience.

One of our Patients’ Most Recommended Cosmetic Procedures

Invisalign is a great option for people who are looking for a solution to straighten their teeth while being discrete. Invisalign is most suited for clients, who are teens, have gapped teeth, have an overbite, have an underbite, have an open bite, whose teeth are overly crowded, or have a crossbite.

Including more extensive straightening needs, Invisalign also is effective in overall straightening. The benefits of Invisalign compared to traditional braces and other cosmetic procedures are innumerable. One advantage, which is a huge selling point for most Invisalign users, is that you can straighten your teeth without drawing your attention to your teeth straightening.

Invisalign Helps Avoid Embarrassment Caused by Traditional Metal Braces

As hard as it is to admit, braces are embarrassing and draw attention to a smile that currently isn’t that smile you want. With Invisalign clear braces, you can straighten your teeth without being obvious and unveil a beautiful, new smile that only looks like small gradual changes.

Traditional metal braces can be incredibly painful depending on the severity of the bite problems. Invisalign minimizes the pain, regardless of the bite. Because Invisalign gradually molds teeth and uses clear trays that are custom built for each patient, there is significantly less pain than traditional braces.

Invisalign Minimizes Mouth & Gum Irritation

Invisalign braces are right for you, if minimizing gum and mouth irritation is the most important factor in your ideal straightening process. Unlike traditional metal braces and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, which require bands added to metal rods and wires as the process goes along, Invisalign only uses thin, plastic trays to straighten your teeth. This method provides the most comfort and utility.

Invisalign Clear Braces are Convenient and Removable…and You Can Eat What You Want!

Invisalign is the best option for you if convenience is ranked the highest on your list of importance when choosing an orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign, there is no need to come in to our office to have rods or wires tightened. The pre-molded trays take care of it all. Of course, you will need to come in to see our amazing orthodontists, just to check in and make sure everything is perfect.

Invisalign also provides convenience in that you can eat whatever you want. Because of the permanent metal structures in your mouth, braces make it hard to continue eating your favorite foods and still maintain good oral health. With Invisalign, it’s easy. When it’s time for you to eat, all you have to do is take the tray out and eat whatever you want.

Invisalign makes it easy for you to continue the lifestyle you had before deciding on teeth straightening.

Want to Learn More about Invisalign? Give Our Dental Office a Call!

There are many reasons why Invisalign can be right for you. The only way to really know what’s the best option to give you the smile you want and maintain your lifestyle is by making an appointment with Dr. Silverman.

Invisalign is a great solution for many teens and adults…come see if it’s right for you!

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