Don't Suffer Any Longer from Dark Teeth. See Our Cosmetic Dentist!


Suffering from Dark Teeth?

When you think of a healthy smile, what comes to mind? Chances are, you picture bright, white rows of teeth. When the teeth are darker, they look unhealthy and unattractive. They can even make a patient look older.

Fortunately, our cosmetic dentist provides highly effective cosmetic dentistry treatments for patients with dark teeth.

What Causes Dark Teeth?

  • In many cases, dark teeth are the result of years of stains and discolorations. The foods we eat, beverages we drink, and substances we expose our teeth to are sure to have an effect over time.

  • A dark tooth could also signal a “dead tooth,” meaning the tooth has sustained an injury. Much like a bruise, a badly injured tooth darkens. If a tooth is “dead,” the nerve inside it has died. It is extremely important to treat a dead tooth because it is very vulnerable to infection, which can spread to the bones and tissues surrounding the tooth and even to other parts of the body.

Treating Dark Teeth

  • Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to improve a smile. In just one office visit, you can significantly whiten your teeth and leave with a beautiful grin.

  • For some patients, the best way to hide dark teeth is with dental veneers. Our office provides veneers made of beautiful, natural-looking porcelain to help patients achieve their dream smiles.

  • If a tooth is dark because it is dead, it will likely either need to be extracted or it will require root canal therapy to remove the nerve and damaged pulp. In some cases, a dead tooth can be lightened using a whitening procedure. Patients may also benefit from the use of a cap or veneer to disguise a dead tooth after it has been treated.

If your teeth are dark and you’re ready to enjoy a whiter smile, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Silverman. We’re sure we have the ideal treatment to give you the smile you desire!