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Having a Dental Emergency? Read This.

By Dr. Brett Silverman | Jul 1, 2020 | General Oral Care
Having a Dental Emergency? Read This.

Am I experiencing a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies, like any accident, can happen at any time. Biting into some food the wrong way or even getting hit in the face can cause an injury that needs a dentist’s attention.

Medical personnel often report more emergencies during summertime as people are outside playing and adventuring more than they are during the colder months. At times, it can be hard to discern what constitutes a “true emergency,” but an emergency could result from a trauma to the mouth that could cause injury or even tooth loss.

If left untreated, you may be dealing with more oral health issues in the long-run.

Dental emergencies: First things first

Have you been in an accident that has caused significant bleeding and having trouble stopping?

Have you lost a tooth?

Is the pain so great that you can’t find any relief?

You may be experiencing a dental emergency.

If an emergency has occurred during regular business hours, your best bet is to give your dentist a call. At Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Dr. Brett Silverman and the team want you to notify us as soon as possible so we can work towards relief and a solution for you to get to a place of speedy recovery.

What are examples of common dental emergencies?

Take a look at this list to help you determine whether or not you’re experiencing a dental emergency:

  1. Jaw injuries

  2. Knocked out tooth

  3. Tooth that has become severely infected and abscessed

  4. Extreme sensitivity to cold & hot

  5. Broken tooth

What might NOT be a dental emergency?

Consider calling your dentist and scheduling an appointment for further consultation if the following has occurred:

  1. Cavity that needs filling

  2. Crown that has been lost

  3. Toothache pain that is mild or manageable

  4. Broken night guard or retainer

Should I come to the office or go to the emergency room?

We can’t plan when an accident is going to happen. If an emergency occurs outside of normal office hours or on the weekend, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone on an island. The debate to wait it out or go to the emergency room can be a frustrating one.

If your pain is excruciating, if your jaw is broken/dislocated, if you’re having trouble breathing or swallowing, go to the emergency room. 

If you find that the pain is more manageable or if you’ve broken off a piece of your tooth, but don’t have any sensitivity or bleeding, try waiting until you can contact Dr. Silverman at Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.

Is there a way to prevent dental emergencies?

We can’t completely protect ourselves from accidents, but good, consistent dental visits and oral hygiene can prevent a number of oral issues from occurring.

  • For your own personal oral health, continue brushing twice a day and after meals, if able.

  • Take the time to floss so that you can get any remaining food out of the spaces between your teeth.

  • Use a mouthwash to fight against any bacteria that could be growing.

We’re here in Alpharetta, GA when you need us most

Visit Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA for your yearly cleanings and any dental procedures that you may require. Our family is honored to care for yours and we are committed to being here for you when you need us most.

When an accident happens, we’ll be a call away and ready to care for you with professional and compassionate care. With Dr. Silverman and our team at Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, you’ll be in excellent hands.


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