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Loose Dentures? Implants May Be Better for You

By Dr. Brett Silverman | Jul 16, 2020 | Dental Implants
Loose Dentures? Implants May Be Better for You

Loose, ill-fitting dentures are more problematic than they are helpful.

Your dentures should improve your quality of life and make it easier to function daily; if this is not the case for you, dental implants may be the better solution.

Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Alpharetta provides dental implants and mini dental implants to help patients who are missing teeth or want to replace their dentures.

For some patients, dentures become more of a hassle than a help. They could save you some money upfront, but could present you with challenges that may not outweigh the financial savings. As a patient, it is important for you to feel informed and empowered as you choose the best option for you.

Consider these following concerns of dentures versus dental implants:

  • If not properly fitted, and because they are not permanently placed in your mouth, dentures can cause your teeth to shift overtime and can also affect the area surrounding your jawbone. Ouch!

  • Dentures are not built to remain in your mouth at all times or overnight. Dentures must be removed for proper oral care and daily cleaning.

  • Dentures can cause potential issues when it comes to eating or speaking. Especially if the fit of the denture itself is not built true to the size and shape of your mouth and jaw.

  • The appearance of dentures may not look as natural versus that of dental implants. Dental implants are created to really mimic the appearance of real teeth and because they are implanting directly into your mouth, a dentist has a bit more control over the look of the teeth as a whole.

  • Because of how delicate dentures can be, there is a higher likelihood of different foods compromising the teeth included in the denture itself. Foods such as popcorn, sticky substances like caramel, and others could present a problem with dentures.

Dental Implants

For many people, dental implants are the very best treatment for missing teeth. Dental implants are small, titanium posts surgically inserted into the jawbone and topped with crowns to replace each individual tooth.

These are some of the many benefits of choosing dental implants:

  • Unlike dentures, which can become loose and uncomfortable, dental implants feel and function just like natural teeth. Patients never have to worry about them not fitting properly or falling out when they are eating or talking.

  • Dentures and bridges will likely need to be replaced at some point, but dental implants are permanent restorations. They fuse with the jawbone and become a fixed structure in the patient’s mouth.

  • Caring for dental implants is just like taking care of natural teeth. There’s no need to worry about messy denture adhesives or other inconveniences, and the implants can be brushed and flossed normally.

  • In some cases, patients who have dentures experience bone and tissue loss. This occurs for two reasons: one, the dentures are sitting on top of the gums, and two, the tooth roots are no longer there to provide the stimulation needed to keep the jawbone healthy. This bone and tissue loss is the reason dentures may become loose over time. With dental implants, on the other hand, patients enjoy improved bone and tissue health.

Contact Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry to schedule a free dental implants consultation and learn more about your options for replacing your dentures.

You don’t have to live with dentures that don’t fit, give us a call and see what other options we have available for you!

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