What are the Symptoms of Oral Cancer? Early Detection is Key!


Routine visits to the dentist are not only important for keeping your teeth clean and healthy, but can also help detect oral cancer early on, and thus seek treatment.

As with any kind of cancer, early detection is key, and at Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry we provide oral cancer screenings and exams to patients as part of their routine dental appointment.

One of the most common questions we hear from our patients are, "What are the signs and symptoms of oral cancer?" It's important to understand that just because you are experiencing some of these symptoms doesn't mean you have oral cancer, but if you are in the Alpharetta area, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule your appointment here.

A few of the most common signs and symptoms of oral cancer

Here are a few symptoms that could indicate oral cancer:

  • Dramatic, unexplained weight loss. Oral cancer sufferers often experience unexplained weight loss. If you have lost a substantial amount of weight for seemingly no reason, you should see a doctor immediately.

  • If you feel any lumps or bumps in the mouth or throat area, as well as rough, white patches that do not go away.

  • Difficult chewing, swallowing, or speaking.

  • Unexplained numbness in the mouth, throat, neck or facial area.

  • Persistent sores that bleed easily and do not heal in 2-3 weeks time.

As indicated above, any of these symptoms could be benign, but they could also be an indication of some form of oral cancer that needs immediate diagnosis and treatment.

What should I do now?

The prognosis for oral cancer is generally good, provided it is caught during the early stages. This is one reason it is so important to see us on a consistent basis, as an oral cancer screening is part of the routine dental exam performed at Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Alpharetta.

This is not something you want to put off for another year, or even another month. Give our office a call to schedule your oral cancer screening today!