Our hygienists love creating beautiful, healthy smiles by performing dental exams and cleanings for our patients. Also called prophylaxis, dental exams and cleanings are a very important preventive measure for a healthy, clean mouth.


Who needs a dental exam?

Everyone can benefit from getting his or her dental examination! During your appointment, one of our hygienists will gently clean your teeth, removing the plaque and tartar that doesn’t get removed with regular brushing at home. If you require any special oral care products, such as extra fluoride treatments, we will speak with you during your appointment. We can also make certain recommendations for oral care products that will help you.

It is very important to understand that, without routine dental checkups, you are putting yourself at risk for serious oral problems (and overall health problems, too).

If decay begins to form on your teeth and you do not get it removed as soon as possible, you run the risk of gum disease or periodontal disease in the future--- serious threats to your overall health. Actually, gum disease has been scientifically linked to serious health problems, such as:

  • birth complications

  • diabetes

  • stroke

  • heart problems

  • and other serious illnesses

When to schedule your cleaning appointment

We recommend, along with the American Dental Association (ADA), to get your teeth professionally cleaned once every 6 months (2 times per year).

Doing so will help promote healthy, clean teeth. We will be able to keep an eye on any problems and fix them before major problems occur. Six-month checkups are a very important preventive measure for healthy mouths. It is always better to prevent a problem from occurring rather than waiting until the problem worsens. Oral care prevention can help you save money and time in the long run. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, we recommend scheduling your appointment with one of our gentle hygienists!