Natural Remedies for a Toothache

A toothache is a signal that something is wrong with your tooth or gums, so if you are in pain, it’s important to see a dentist right away. If you are experiencing a toothache, it’s fine to take an over-the-counter pain reliever. For people who cannot or prefer not to take medication, however, natural remedies can be used to bring relief until a dentist appointment. Here are a few tips for natural toothache relief from Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of Alpharetta.

What Causes a Toothache?

Toothaches occur for a variety of reasons. Often, knowing the cause of the toothache makes it easier to find a way to ease the pain until your dental appointment.

  • Often, a toothache occurs due to tooth decay. There is no way to treat this at home; you’ll need to see a dentist as soon as possible. When a tooth becomes decayed, a filling, root canal, or extraction is necessary. The sooner you see your dentist, the better your options.
  • Sometimes pain that feels like a toothache is actually due to infection in the surrounding tissues.
  • A piece of food or an object can become lodged between the teeth and irritate the gums. If you’re suddenly feeling pain, be sure nothing is stuck.

Natural Ways to Relieve a Toothache

  • Applying a cold compress to the side of the face can provide pain relief and also prevent swelling.
  • If the toothache is caused by infection, swishing with warm water and salt can speed up healing and lessen discomfort.
  • Bite down on a warm teabag to alleviate pain. Swishing with peppermint tea can also bring relief.
  • Using a small amount of clove oil on the affected area can relieve pain and fight bacteria that are causing your discomfort. Be sure to use only a very small amount.

Remember that natural remedies should be used only to provide comfort in the meantime, rather than replacing a trip to the dentist. Be sure to see your dentist as soon as possible to determine the cause of your toothache and get the necessary treatment.

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