Sports dentistry involves treating and preventing sports-related injuries for athletes.

At Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Dr. Silverman, Dr. Morton and their team are committed to delivering top-notch dental results to athletes near Alpharetta, GA.

Whether you need a sports mouth guard for proper protection against injury, or if you’ve suffered an injury and you need dental work, Dr. Silverman, and Dr. Morton can help!

What are the benefits of athletic mouthguards?

There are many benefits to wearing an athletic mouthguard. Many think that the benefits end at keeping you from getting a tooth dislodged during competitive sports, but they extend much further than that.

  • Mouthguards protect your teeth from injuring themselves as well. They act as a barrier to keep them from grinding together and chipping.
  • They are also useful for preventing injury to your TMJ (jaw joint) by distributing the biting force of your jaw across your whole dental arch.
  • For those with braces, they are effective in keeping your lips safe from harm by shielding the inside of your lips from the metal edges of the braces.
  • They have even been shown to help prevent concussions.

If you are interested in learning more about sports mouthguards, a consultation appointment is your first step. At your consultation, we will discuss which sports mouthguards are best for you.

We’ll also discuss how to properly take care of your mouthguard and best practices for avoiding dental-related sports injuries as much as possible.

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