11 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Alpharetta, GA Dentist

By Dr. Brett Silverman | Aug 19, 2020 | Children’s Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, General Oral Care, Gentle Dentistry
11 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Alpharetta, GA Dentist

(updated April 2024)

Ever wonder why you should choose one dentist versus another dentist right down the street? How is one dentist office better than another office? How can you and your family benefit the most from seeing the best dentist in your area on a consistent basis?

They are all legitimate questions and we are here to shed some light on them for you.

We are proud to be one of the top choices for an Alpharetta, GA dentist offering a full range of dental services to patients of all ages. We focus on providing the best possible care in a warm, welcoming setting where you will feel relaxed and at ease.

So whether you’ve just moved to Alpharetta or nearby, or you are dissatisfied with your current dentist, finding a new dentist office can be stressful. Advertisements and word of mouth can only go so far.

How do you know that you are truly selecting the best dentist?

In this article we will give you 11 reasons why you should choose Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry as your Alpharetta dentist!



1. We have lots of patient testimonials.

How many times have you made a major purchase within the past 6 months without reading product/service reviews? Not many, right? Well, why would you choose a dentist without reading patient testimonials or reviews?

Advanced Cosmetic and Family Dentistry understands how important it is for new patients to hear what current/past patients have to say. That’s why we share many patient testimonials with you— some are video testimonials, others are written testimonials.

As a matter of fact, according to our personalized statistics and patient reviews on DemandForce®, 99.5% of patients would refer family and friends to us. Numbers don’t lie!

Also, feel free to check out our patient reviews on these sites:



2. Our Alpharetta, GA dentist office has financing options to suit your needs (and your wallet).

Advanced Cosmetic and Family Dentistry offers several different payment options to help you pay for dental services. We understand that everyone’s bank accounts don’t look alike. That’s why we are flexible when it comes to paying for your dental work.

We want to make dentistry affordable without sacrificing the quality we provide.

We gladly accept:

  • cash
  • personal checks
  • most major credit cards (including American Express, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard)
  • dental insurance plans
  • third-party dental financing options through Sunbit Financing, CareCredit® and Proceed Finance

If you don’t have insurance, no problem!

We have an in-house dental membership plan (this is NOT a dental insurance plan). Our in-house dental membership plan allows uninsured families or individuals to receive annual exams, cleanings and more.

Our administrative team is happy to file your insurance claim and help you maximize your benefits. Nationally, only 50.2% of adults have private dental insurance, and insurance coverage in Georgia falls below the national average.

If you are one of the millions without insurance, it’s important to find a practice that offers financing solutions to suit your needs.

Our in-house membership plan includes preventive services and major discounts on in-house treatments. With no deductible and no yearly maximum, the membership may actually cost less than dental insurance.

Learn more about in-house dental membership plan.

We also offer free second opinions, free implant consultations, and free emergency consultations!

If you have any questions, our team members are more than happy to speak with you. We will help you understand all of the options available to you.



3. We have convenient office hours and short wait times to fit your busy schedule.

Advanced Cosmetic and Family Dentistry wants to cater to your busy, hectic schedules as much as possible. That is one reason why we offer flexible, convenient office hours as well as short wait times.

Monday: 9am-5pm

Tuesday: 7am-6pm

Wednesday: 7am-5pm

Thursday: 7am-6pm

Friday: 7am-3pm

We have later office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and early office hours on Wednesdays and Fridays in order to cater to our patient’s work and school schedules, as well as other personal commitments.

We make a conscious decision to treat our patients the way we like to be treated. For medical institutions, it’s definitely going against the grain.

In today’s world it’s acceptable behavior to herd patients in and out of a waiting room, day in and day out; all while the patient experiences unbelievable wait times.

Patients lose their identity and just become a number or a procedure. They no longer have a voice and they no longer have a name. We decided to go back to the way it was: Caring doctors and a team personally caring for a patient.

To schedule your appointment at a time convenient for you, please call us.



4. We offer gentle dentistry and a variety of dental services.

Visiting the dentist shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Current patients say that Dr. Silverman, Dr. Morton, the hygienists, and the dental assistants are gentle and considerate in nature. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible while visiting our Alpharetta, GA dentist office.

We get to know each of our patients personally, and we want you to feel like family from the minute you walk through the door.

Our dentists, Dr. Brett Silverman and Dr. Darrell Morton, are warm and understanding. They won’t make you feel rushed and will always take time to answer your questions.

As a matter of fact, as our patient you will have the opportunity to relax in comfort with our amenities:

  • heated and massage chairs
  • warm comfortable pillows & blankets
  • supportive neck and back pillows
  • nitrous oxide
  • virtual reality glasses
  • bottled water
  • music
  • extensive movie list
  • Bose® noise canceling headphones
  • lip balm
  • warm face cloth (scented)
  • eye protection

You definitely will not find all of these amenities in other dental offices near Alpharetta!

Have dental anxiety or dental fears?

Even with the best possible treatment, you may still suffer from dental anxiety. If so, you are not alone! Anywhere from 50-80% of American adults struggle with mild to severe dental anxiety. For 9-15% of these patients, the phobia is so severe that they neglect dental care altogether.

Our team recognizes the serious nature of dental anxiety and knows that it is not your fault. To help you relax, we offer three forms of dental sedation: nitrous oxide, oral sedation and IV sedation.

In addition we offer the following elective cosmetic dentistry services to all of our patients, including:

Our general, preventive dental services include:

Our periodontics services include:

If a family member has significant oral problems, we offer the following restorative dentistry services:

As you can see, we offer dental services for the whole family! One of our goals is to give each and every patient a gentle dentistry experience with as little pain as possible.

For a list of our dental services in one easy to find location, click here.

If you are experiencing dental problems (i.e. loose tooth, cavity, etc), or if you need a six-month, routine dental check-up, call us for your appointment.



5. We are currently accepting new patients!

We want to provide exceptional service to you and your family members, not just right now but in the future as well. We focus on spending time with each and every patient to understand your needs and dental goals. Our friendly, knowledgeable dentist and team members love answering patient questions.

We take a personalized, conservative approach to dentistry. We provide a truly unique experience when visiting our office; our fully digital, paperless office adds to that experience.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in over one year, we invite you to call us to schedule your complimentary consultation. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. It is time to take care of your oral health.



6. We are proud members of several dental and business organizations.

Dr. Silverman, Dr. Morton and Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry are proud members of the following organizations:

  • Johns Creek Business Association Member
  • Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce
  • Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the USOC Dental Volunteer Program
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)
  • Atlanta Thrashers Team Dentist (1999-2011)
  • And more!



7. We offer dental discounts and specials.

Who doesn’t like coupons or discounts? Just about everyone does. Well Advanced Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA offers different discounts or specials on a monthly basis.

Don’t forget to check back on our website to learn about this month’s dental coupon or special! They will be featured on our homepage.

In addition to offering discounts on dental services, we offer flexible payment options and dental financing.



8. Alpharetta, GA dentist, Dr. Silverman, has been featured in several dental-related magazines.

Dr. Brett Silverman is a highly regarded dentist whose expertise is sought out within the community and in the dental industry. To drive home this point, Dr. Silverman has been featured and presented in the following dental-related magazines:

  • Americas Best Dentists
  • RDH (geared towards Registered Dental Hygienists)
  • Best Self Atlanta
  • Points North Atlanta

Dr. Silverman even wrote his own book, which you can download here: Healthy Input (Americas Leading Dentists Reveal the Truths to a Healthy Body Starting with What You Put in Your Mouth)



9. We offer free consultations for new patients.

Wondering whether you need dental veneers versus cosmetic bonding? Wondering if you need a dental crown or a bridge? Your questions can get answered by coming in for your complimentary consultation with Dr. Silverman, Dr. Morton.

At this free appointment, you will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with our dentist and team members. You can ask all of the questions you want!

And did we mention yet? This preliminary consultation appointment is free!

We love this opportunity to get to know you as a patient, and to understand your needs. We want to make sure we fully understand before proceeding with treatment options. At a subsequent appointment, we can take x-rays to further determine your dental needs.

We are not happy until you are happy as a patient.



10. We have high standards for safety and results.

Dr. Silverman, Dr. Morton and team members are committed to following all safety protocols. In doing so we are able to provide excellent results to our patients.

We follow all safety and sterilization protocols set forth by:

When you visit our office you will notice the cleanliness and family-friendly environment we created. You can enjoy our amenities and relax while you receive world class dental treatment.



11. We use the best dental technology for a comfortable patient experience.

Dental technology is constantly evolving, so you don’t want to choose a practice that is stuck in the past. Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry proudly utilizes DEXIS™ Dental Imaging.

This intraoral system takes remarkably sharp and detailed images, allowing our dentists to provide the most accurate and personalized care.

Dr. Silverman is both an adviser and beta tester for DEXIS™ Dental Imaging. DEXIS™ designed the first intra-oral digital radiography system to be accepted by the American Dental Association and is the most highly-awarded digital x-ray system in the dental community.

Our dentists of Alpharetta are not only committed to cutting-edge technology, they also stay informed about the latest clinical techniques. They also take extensive continuing education so that they can provide you with the best possible care.

“The ease of use, the simplicity of it, the efficiency I’ve seen in my workflow— it’s just a great digital hub for patient images and I don’t know what I would ever do without it!”
—Brett S. Silverman, DDS, MAGD, LLSR

The DEXIS™ digital x-ray system is just one of the many ways we use advanced dental technology to give our patients the best experience.



Contact us…welcome to your new dentistry home!

Convinced that you’ve found the right practice for your needs? We hope that you will end your search and choose our dentist in Alpharetta for your dental needs. Our team is excited to meet you and your family.

Schedule your first appointment by filling out our convenient online form or by calling us. We are excited to create healthy smiles for you and your family, so call us today to schedule your appointment!